Wastewater Treatment Plant Map

In June of 2015, the Donner Summit Public Utility District (DSPUD) completed a $24 million renovation project, which involved replacing the chlorine gas disinfection process with UV (ultraviolet) disinfection and tertiary treatment with membrane bioreactors (MBR), a highly sophisticated filtration process used for final wastewater cleaning. The MBR process uses membrane filters with a combination of microfiltration. Using pumps, the effluent is pulled through membranes that filter out the last final particles before the final UV treatment.

The new UV disinfection system uses ultraviolet light to further treat effluent. The final result is tertiary treated, pathogen-free, crystal clear recycled water that meets or exceeds Title 22 requirements making it effectively cleaner than surface water.

With the new improvements, DSPUD’s wastewater treatment plant can now process up to 1.27 MGD on a peak day and in all weather conditions.

Click on the map below for a virtual tour of Donner Summit's technologically advanced wastewater treatment plant and read about the various wastewater treatment plant functions.


Emergency Storage Tank/Irrigation Storag

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Personnel Office and Equipment Storage

Electrical and Chemical Building

Electrical and Chemical Building

Preliminary Treatment

Equalization Tanks


Secondary Treatment

Reactor Basins I and II

Lime Feeder Silo

Tertiary Treatment

Filtration Membrane

UV Disinfection

Sludge Handling

Sludge Storage Tank

Sludge Drying Beds