The Donner Summit Public Utility District is a bi-county special district formed in Nevada and Placer counties in 1948. The following Nevada County resolutions and ordinances document the formation of DSPUD:

  1. A Nevada County Board of Supervisors resolution dated January 19, 1948, unanimously adopted the Board. The resolution contains a proposed legal description for the District.
  2. Nevada County Ordinance No. 163 called a special election “to determine whether or not said utility district shall be organized under the public utility district act …”
  3. A Nevada County Board of Supervisors resolution dated March 24, 1948 accepted the outcome of the vote in both Nevada and Placer counties. This resolution contains the initial legal description. The District formation won by a voter majority of 17 in favor, 3 opposed.

The State Board of Equalization tracks district boundaries. Through the years there have been a number of annexations and detachments, which have led to the current DSPUD boundaries.