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Notice of Proposed Wastewater Rate Increase

Notice is given that the Donner Summit Public Utility District Board of Directors is considering an increase in wastewater rates to maintain cost of service and meet debt obligations. A public hearing will be conducted on June 19 at 6 p.m. at the DSPUD boardroom to consider adopting the proposed rate increase. If approved, the rate increase will take affect July 1, 2018. Read the full notice here.

rate increase chart

Click here to review the Rate Study.

Working to Reduce Impact of Rate Increases

In 2016, Donner Summit Public Utility District began to proactively work with the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) to restructure its Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan (loan), specifically the amount of interest attached to the loan. The loan was secured in 2012 to provide the funds needed to bring the wastewater treatment plant into federal and state compliance.

The loan originally carried a 2.2% interest rate, which over the life of the loan, would equate to over $5.81 million in interest. DSPUD remained persistent in working with SWRCB to achieve some form of debt relief. In December 2017, the SWRCB granted an interest rate reduction from 2.2% to 0.75%, decreasing the total interest paid on the loan by $3.47 million. The amount saved in interest over the life of the loan is directly passed down to ratepayers in the form of reduced rate increases. Memos and letters of support to reduce the loan interest rate may be read below.