Welcome to the Donner Summit Public Utility District

In December 2015, DSPUD began supplying highly treated recycled water to Soda Springs for snowmaking purposes, and in doing so, achieved two beneficial community goals: conserve potable water supplies and provide an alternate water source for snowmaking.

Donner Summit Public Utility District Water Quality Update

Donner Summit Public Utility District strives to keep an open, honest dialogue with its customers. As ratepayers, you should be informed about the process DSPUD has been pursuing to make improvements to its water treatment system.

DSPUD is well aware the water that comes from your tap is not always crystal clear. While it is perfectly SAFE to drink, high turbidity levels changes the appearance of the water.

DSPUD has been working diligently with state engineers to identify solutions to the turbidity problem. An upgrade to the water treatment plant is necessary and the estimated project cost is roughly $2.5 million. In 2015, DSPUD submitted a construction loan application to California’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. DSPUD is eligible for a state grant, which will fund 80% of the construction cost. The remaining 20% will be financed through a secured state loan.

DSPUD has been in contact with the State on a consistent basis about the loan status. DSPUD is hopeful the loan will be secured in April, a contractor selected in May and construction to begin shortly thereafter.

Customers will likely have similar water quality until the water treatment plant upgrade is complete. DSPUD appreciates your patience during this process. 

Notice of Proposed Water Rate Increase and Public Hearing Date
Notice is given that the Donner Summit Public Utility District Board of Directors has approved a water rate increase to take affect July 2016. A public hearing will be conducted on June 21, 2016 at 6 p.m. at the DSPUD boardroom to consider adopting the proposed rate increase. The full notice may be reviewed here.

CSDA publishes Regulations, a River and Ratepayers, an article highlighting the accomplishment managed between the District and community for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project.

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