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Office Hours:
Monday through Friday,
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Phone Numbers:
(530) 426-3456/phone
(530) 426-3460/fax

Office Address:
53823 Sherritt Lane
Soda Springs, CA 95728

Mailing Address:
PO Box 610
Soda Springs, CA 95728

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Welcome to the Donner Summit Public Utility District

In June of 2015, the Donner Summit Public Utility District (DSPUD) completed a $24 million project converting its treatment process from a chlorination/de-chlorination process to a UV disinfection process resulting in highly treated, pathogen-free, crystal clear recycled water. This tertiary treated water meets or exceeds Title 22 requirements as regulated by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and is effectively cleaner than surface water.

DSPUD obtained the updated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region, in June of 2015. This permit allows for the use of recycled water for snowmaking at Soda Springs Ski Area.

Beginning in December 2015, DSPUD will begin supplying highly treated recycled water to Soda Springs for snowmaking purposes. This allows the District to achieve two beneficial community goals: conserve precious potable water supplies and provide an alternate water source that will contribute to a successful ski season.

For more information about the safety, regulations and common uses of recycled water, view our fact sheet.

The District is experiencing higher than normal turbidity in its drinking water. Measures are being taken to restore clarity to the water. The water is safe to drink despite its appearance.

Water Conditions Notice August 28, 2015

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Read about the Wastewater Treatment Plant opening on Saturday, July 18 2015 here.

Take a virtual tour of Donner Summit's new, technologically advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

Construction has completed on the DSPUD Wastewater Facilities Upgrade and Expansion Project

View more construction photos here

Waste Discharge Permit documents and public notices

Cost of Service Study

The Cost of Service Study published October 2011 is available for public view.