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Water Treatment Plant Update

After 18 months of construction, the DSPUD Water Treatment Plant upgrade project is complete. One significant upgrade included installing two clarification/filtration treatment basins, which addressed the high levels of turbidity recently found in the potable water supply. The new system will filter out the turbid conditions caused by the abundance of algae from the district’s water source, Lake Angela.

The upgraded plant also has the capacity to treat 1.0 MGD of water daily. This change was required to meet state mandated regulation to have redundant basins, each having the capacity to process 0.5 MGD. The two-basin system provides a back up in the event the other basin becomes unusable for any length of time and during normal plant maintenance.

Other upgrades include improvements to the existing clearwell, which will maximize the effectiveness of chlorine by using more contact time and less chlorine, an upgrade to the chemical feed facility and replacing the old, deteriorating 24” raw water pipeline with 12” robust PVC pipe.

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Check out new photos showing DSPUD’s Water Treatment Plant construction in progress!